Activity and Plan


Social activities and camp

Our organization is committed to society and is ready to help needy patient. Routinely every quarterly we organize camp to bring awareness to society, to educate society, to get rid of myths and quakes. We also are committed to provide low cost treatment as well. Quarterly we organize camp to give free consultation and infertility ultrasonography at just Rs. 200/- Couple can register for their IVF treatment and get benefit of Rs. 10,000/-.

Future planning of organization

  • We are planning to come with guarantee where couple gets baby with paying fixed amount. Here they need not to pay separate money for procedure, consumables, media, medicine, donors, rooms, anaesthesia, freezing, semen analysis, blood and urine examination etc. All trials are included.
  • Low cost minimal stimulation IVF.

Free services in hospital patient

  • In house catering free of charge tea, coffee, breakfast, lunch, evening breakfast and dinner.
  • Free blood and urine collection.