IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination)

One of the simplest form of Assisted Reproductive Technique is IUI. With this procedure approximately 1500 healthy babies are born in our center.


Procedure and method


Super ovulation: (Mild hyper stimulation of ovaries)

With the help of tablets and injections (called Gonadotropins) more than one follicles (eggs) are produced. Once they grow to the size of 18-20 mm they are called mature eggs. At this moment inj HCG is given to rupture those follicles and from which eggs are released. Release of eggs from follicles occurs after 36- 40 hours. So IUI is done at this moment.


Follicular monitoring (ovulation study)

Serial sonography is done to know the size of follicle (maturing follicle). In this endometrial bed is also examined to know whether it is receptive for embryo (baby) or not. Good healthy endometrium is 7-12 mm and three line or triple layer.

Semen washing, preparation and procedure

Husband is asked to deposit semen in clean environment in a special disinfected jar. Given semen is put in special media (medicine). This sample is kept in centrifuge for 10- 15 mins . With this procedure best of the sperms in the form of motility and morphology are isolated and taken. Sperms with media are taken in syringe and cannula. These sperms are transferred in to uterine cavity. Anesthesia is not needed for IUI. If woman is uncooperative help of anesthesia is taken. Woman is asked to lie down on the table for 10-15 min’s. She can do her routine work after procedure. Husband and wife can have intercourse after procedure as per their will.


Post IUI treatment

Progesterone support is given for better implantation of embryo. Other treatment is added according to requirement of patient.

Support medicine after IUI

Progesterone support is given.

Indication (useful to whom)

It is useful for following infertile couples.

  • Low sperm count.
  • Ejaculatory problem.
  • HIV positive cases, HBsAg positive cases.
  • Unexplained infertility.
  • Auto immune cases.
  • Cervical factors.
  • Improper sexual intercourse.
  • Azoospermia(donor sperms).
  • Kleinfelter’s syndrome.


Advantage of IUI and super ovulation


  • More number of follicles so more chance of pregnancy.
  • More number of good quality sperms so more chance of pregnancy.
  • Sperms are kept closer to eggs, cervical factors are cleared by transferring in the uterus so chances of conception increases.
  • Very economic as compare to IVF.


Legal Aspect

We follow complete PC-PNDT norms, no deviation from legal norms will be done.