The Sarvamagal Women’s Hospital & IVF Clinic Team

In India, and the world around – going to an IVF Clinic, or a Women’s Hospital is not just a big step, but a tricky one.  Looking for a low cost IVF Clinic with world class standards is important. Finding the right IVF clinic or hospital is all about finding the most ethical doctors and the use of modern technology to help bring to life – a new born. Sarvamangal IVF was born with the best possible doctors keeping the patient in mind and the couple who wished to have the best possible care for their new born child. 

Sarvamangal IVF brings to you the best possible team of doctors, who have world class and international experience, and possibly the best suited education and expertise to ensure that world over, Sarvamangal could offer the best quality treatment. Patients from all over the world including the United States of America and the United Kingdom travel to Ahmedabad to Sarvamangal because of our doctors.

Introducing to you today, the Sarvamangal IVF team:

Dr. Sunil Shah


  • Director
  • Core fertility expert (Germany)
  • Fetal medicine expert
  • Laproscopy specialist

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Dr. Binjal Shah


  • Director
  • Obstetrician & Gynecologist
  • Fertility expert
  • Sonologist

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Dr. Bhavit Shah

  • MD and Chief Consultant Laparoscopist

Dr. Milan Shah & Team

  • M.D. Anesthesist

Dr. Kinjal Patil

  • Chief IVF Counsellor & Asst. Doctor

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Dr. Rajeev Sharma & Team

  • Chief embryologist & Andrologist

Dr.Paresh Makwana

  • Senior embryologist & Andrologist
  • M.V.Sc, MBA (Health Care Science)

Dr. Charmi Patel

  • Embryologist

Mr. Akshay Jani

  • Chief andrology technician

Dr. Grishma

  • Medical officer

Dr. Krupali Karia

  • Medical Officer & IUI Counsellor

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Mr. Ketan Shah

  • CEO & Pharmacist

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Ms. Purvi Kothari

  • Manager in charge (Operation & Finance)

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Mr.Paresh Khatri

  • Business development manager