Pre IVF Profile

Normally before going for IVF / ICSI treatment following investigations are done. There can be addition or deletion of reports from below according to judgement  of consultant.

Investigation for wife

  • CBC.
  • Urine routine and microscopic examination.
  • Blood group.
  • SGPT, RBS.
  • PT, APTT.
  • Rubella IgG.
  • TSH, PRL, FSH, LH.
  • AMH.
  • HBsAg, HIV, anti HCV, VDRL.
  • If any special reports required.
  • Hysteroscopy – is normally recommended on 21st day of previous menstrual cycle and according to few papers it helps implantation of embryos.

Investigation for husband

  • CBC.
  • Blood group.
  • HBsAg, HIV, VDRL, anti HCV.
  • SGPT, RBS.
  • Sperm analysis with morphology.
  • Any other special reports if at all required.