High level Sonography is conducted by Dr. Sunil Shah & Dr. Binjal Shah who is well experienced in this field and doing it for more than 17 years. Dr. Shah has been trained for basic 2D sonography in Ahmedabad at GynOb center. Then Dr. Shah took advanced sonography training of colour doppler, fetal echocardiography and Fetal anomaly at Mediscan center, Chennai. Mediscan is one of the best center in the world for fetal medicine and ultrasonography. Dr. Shah has also taken on line training of fetal medicine foundation, london for 11- 14 weeks scan which is done for finding fetal anomaly early and to screen fetus for trisomy. Dr. Shah is certified sonologist of FMF london.
Dr. Shah is faculty in many conferences across the country.
Internationally recommended sonography for following indications are done in our center.
Following is the schedule of USG done in journey of 9 months.

1. Up to 10 weeks (Early pregnancy)

  • Numbers of embryos or number of sacs.
  • Cardiac activity and viability.
  • Regularities of sac.
  • Support to pregnancy.
  • Late conception.
  • To judge abortion process.

2. 11 weeks to 13.6 weeks NT scan (FMF-London)

  • Dating (to know date of delivery).
  • Pre-eclampsia prediction by colour doppler, BP.
  • Down’s syndrome screening.
  • Anomaly screening .

This date you need blood report double marker(Rs.1800-Rs2000).

3. 20-22 Weeks targeted sonography

  • Anomaly scan.
  • In this scan from head to foot almost all parts are seen.
  • Structure seen in the head are: Small brain, large brain, posterior fossa, collection of fluid in ventricles, nasal bone, lips, thallami, cavum septum pallucidum and many more.
  • Structures seen in chest are: Heart—4 chamber view, 3 vessels trachea view, out flow tracts, heart position on left side/right side. Lungs.
  • Abdomen: Stomach, Kidneys, anterior abdominal wall, umbilical artries, bladder.
  • Spinal cord and vertebral columns all segments.
  • Both extremities: Upper limbs and lower limbs.
  • Weight of baby.
  • Heart beats.
  • Placental location.

4. 32 weeks – color doppler ( Growth USG)

  • Growth of child (weight) comparing baby’s growth with previous sonography and putting record in the chart. This gives us idea regarding proper development and growth of baby.
  • Amount of fluid (liquor).
  • Oxygen supply judgment by umbilical artery color doppler and MCA color doppler.

5. 35-36 weeks (Full term scan with Color Doppler)

  • For growth and weight of baby.
  • Heart beat per minute.
  • Presentation of baby: vertex or breech or transverse.
  • Amount of fluid-More (polyhydramnios), Less (oligohydramnios).
  • Placental calcification.
  • Oxygenation to baby..

By this sonography we can judge and get idea weather birth of baby will be vaginal (normal) or abdominal (caesarean).