• Wife is unable to conceive baby in her womb.
  • Congenital abnormality of genital tract mainly uterus Rokitansky syndrome or any other abnormality.
  • Various diseases of uterus & internal organs could be infection, toxic chemical and mechanical problems due to which child bearing is contraindicated.
  • Repeated IVF failures or recurrent implantation failure of good embryos.
  • Asherman’s syndrome synechiae in uterine cavity, thin endometrium, non-receptive endometrium. It can be because of infection, past abortion, surgery following extraction of fibroid or polyp, sub mucous fibroids.
  1. Who can use this method for becoming parents
  2. Methods and types of Surrogacy
  3. Financial information / Cost of surrogacy
  4. Legal Aspects and concern
  5. Selection of Surrogate woman- Ideal surrogate woman profile
  6. Commissioning couple’s investigation and required profile
  7. Steps to proceed


  • Traditional surrogacy: Husband’s sperm is directly injected via IUI into surrogate woman.
  • Traditional surrogacy and donor sperms
  • Gestational surrogacy: Here Egg of woman of a commissioning couple and sperm of her husband commissioning couple are used to form embryo and are transferred into womb of surrogate woman.
  • Gestational surrogacy with donor egg: In this case egg of an anonymous (unknown) donor and sperm of commissioning husband is used and then transferred into womb of surrogate woman.
  • Surrogacy with embryo donation.


In general, the cost for Surrogacy (including all agency fees, attorneys’ fees, screening and surrogate fees, and medical and insurance costs) ranges from around $ 20,000 to $ 40,000, depending the program chosen. Normally in USA it is 70,000 US $ .Standard programs vary in the source of the egg donation, IVF insurance coverage, legal needs and other circumstances. Optional components can add 5-10% to the costs. Normally it is easy and simpler to get commercial, dedicated and good surrogate in India.

Cost components considered are as below:

  1. I.V.F charges
  2. Surrogate mother charges
  3.  Legal + Medical Visa charges
  4.  Blood Investigations charges
  5.  Consultant charges
  6.  Drug charges
  7.  Doctor & Nursing charges
  8.  Surrogate food charges (For 9 months)
  9.  Delivery charges 10. 4D sonography charges

Certain other variable charges include: Freezing charges, Blastocyst culture and freezing charges.

Few of the standard packages for Surrogacy includes:

1. Standard Surrogacy Package

2. Comprehensive Surrogacy Package (With Assurity)

3. Selective Surrogacy Package


1. She is healthy physically and mentally, and willing to undergo extensive screenings

2. Does not suffer from any medical disease

3. Is over 23 years of age

4. She should not have habit of tobacco, illegal drugs, or abuse alcohol

5. Not on any anti-depressants or anti psychotic medicine

6. Has given birth to a minimum one healthy child

7. Should not have more than 2 previous cesarean births

8. Has support of spouse and family 9. Has medical insurance (strongly suggested but may not disqualify a surrogate)