In this procedure eggs (ovum) of women and sperm of husbands are put in an incubator and allow them to meet naturally, fertilize them and to grow inside incubators on their own for 2-5 days. In the incubator, the environment is created similar to women’s womb (uterus). In this procedure of test tube, baby number of sperms has to be in millions. Here one egg is taken in one petri dish and approximately 1 lac sperms are put along with it.

Used where sperm count is very very less. In this procedure single sperm is injected into one ovum by special microinjection pipette (micromanipulation). This procedure is having an advantage that even sperm count &/or motility &/or morphology (shape) is less or not good embryo can be formed and success can easily be achieved.

Types of  IVF and ICSI


Her husband’s sperm and wife’s eggs are used to forming the embryo and subsequently transferred into wife’s uterus.

Donor egg and husband’s sperm:

Egg of an anonymous donor is used with the husband’s sperm and formed embryo this way is transferred to the intended woman’s uterus and the baby is growing into her uterus for nine months. This procedure is used when a woman’s egg is totally deprived or of very poor quality and for advanced age.

Wife’s egg and donor sperms:

Here donor sperm is used and wife’s egg and once the embryo is formed it is transferred into the intended woman’s uterus. This procedure is used when the husband is having Azoospermia and which is not responding to available modes of treatment.

Embryo donation:

Here anonymous ovum donor and sperm donor are used an embryo is formed which is subsequently transferred to a woman’s uterus. This procedure is used when husband and wife both are having a problem in sperm and egg respectively.

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