Sperm Donation Programme

Who can get the benefit of this?

  • Husband with advanced age.
  • Husband having azoospermia not responding to medicines.
  • Ejaculation failure. Failed TESE and other sperm retrieval techniques.
  • Klinefelter syndrome or any other genetic disease.
  • Husband and wife both are having thalassemia minor.
  • Husband HIV or any other serious vertically transmitted disease.
  • The husband had taken chemotherapy by which there are chances of genetic mutation and the development of an abnormal child.

How do we select sperm donors?

  • It is anonymous(unknown to donors and unknown to recipients).
  • Sperm count, morphology is checked.
  • Educational status and level of IQ are checked.
  • Blood group, color, the height we try to match it and options are offered to select from the data.
  • The sample which is used is always quarantine.
  • Thoroughly examined for infection like HIV, HBsAg, HCV & VDRL.
NOTE: We follow all legal norms, no deviation will be done from legal rules.