Surrogacy at Sarvamangal IVF

  1. Who can use this method for becoming parents?
  2. Methods and types of Surrogacy.
  3. Financial information / Cost of surrogacy.
  4. Legal Aspects and concern.
  5. Selection of Surrogate woman- Ideal surrogate woman profile.
  6. Commissioning couple’s investigation and required profile.
  7. Steps to proceed.

Who can use Surrogacy

  • The wife is unable to conceive the baby in her womb.
  • Congenital abnormality of the genital tract mainly uterus Rokitansky syndrome or any other abnormality.
  • Various diseases of uterus & internal organs could be an infection, toxic chemical and mechanical problems due to which childbearing is contraindicated.
  • Repeated IVF failures or recurrent implantation failure of good embryos.
  • Asherman’s syndrome synechiae in the uterine cavity, thin endometrium, non-receptive endometrium. It can be because of infection, past abortion, surgery following extraction of fibroid or polyp, submucous fibroids.

Methods and types of Surrogacy

  • Traditional surrogacy: Husband’s sperm is directly injected via IUI into a surrogate woman.
  • Traditional surrogacy and donor sperms
  • Gestational surrogacy: Here Egg of a woman of a commissioning couple and sperm of her husband commissioning couple are used to form the embryo and are transferred into the womb of a surrogate woman.
  • Gestational surrogacy with donor egg: In this case egg of an anonymous (unknown) donor and sperm of commissioning husband is used and then transferred into the womb of a surrogate woman.
  • Surrogacy with embryo donation.

Financial Information / Cost of Surrogacy

In general, the cost for Surrogacy (including all agency fees, attorneys’ fees, screening and surrogate fees, and medical and insurance costs) ranges from around $ 20,000 to $ 40,000, depending the program chosen. Normally in USA, it is 70,000 US $. Standard programs vary in the source of the egg donation, IVF insurance coverage, legal needs, and other circumstances. Optional components can add 5-10% to the costs. Normally it is easy and simpler to get commercial, dedicated and good surrogate in India.

Cost components considered are as below:

  •  I.V.F charges
  •  Surrogate mother charges
  •  Legal + Medical Visa charges
  •  Blood Investigations charges
  •  Consultant charges
  •  Drug Charges
  •  Doctor & Nursing charges
  •  Surrogate food charges (For 9 months)
  •  Delivery charges 10. 4D sonography charges

Certain other variable charges include Freezing charges, Blastocyst culture, and freezing charges.

Few of the standard packages for Surrogacy includes:

  • Standard Surrogacy Package
  • Comprehensive Surrogacy Package (With Assurity)
  • Selective Surrogacy Package

Ideal Surrogate Woman

  • She is healthy physically and mentally, and willing to undergo extensive screenings
  • Does not suffer from any medical disease
  • Is over 23 years of age
  • She should not have a habit of tobacco, illegal drugs, or abuse alcohol
  • Not on any anti-depressants or antipsychotic medicine
  • Has given birth to a minimum one healthy child
  • Should not have more than 2 previous cesarean births
  • Has the support of spouse and family
  • Has medical insurance (strongly suggested but may not disqualify a surrogate)